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Windsor Chairs – By Conor Barnes – Inadam Furniture

Windsor Chairs – By Conor Barnes – Inadam Furniture

Windsor Chairs – By Conor Barnes – Inadam Furniture

Windsor Chairs

First of all, what is a Windsor chair? Well I’m glad you asked. Named after the English town; Windsor, the chair was originally made in the early 1700’s. The chair is traditionally built with a solid, wooden seat that has holes drilled into them to fit in slim spindles to the right proportion to make the back and arms of the chair. The design of this chair is very traditional having now been produced for over three centuries!

Today Windsor Chairs are a fashionable chair design due to its iconic simplicity and remarkably comfortable design which allows the chair to be used in almost any room setting.

Stick Back Chair Medium

An example of one of our own Windsor chairs, the medium sized Stick Back Side Windsor chair.

What we have to offer you…

This is one of our more simple designs but is stunning due to its ergonomic seat to provide comfort to you whilst in use. The style of wood that is used to make these chairs is Ash. However here at Inadam Furniture offer different coloured finishes from a radiant Harvest to a dusky Medium Oak. You can choice of colour that suits best for your room’s theme.

Wood finish windsor chairs

To see other beautiful designs and styles of Windsor Chairs, please visit our Windsor Chair page.

Conor Barnes
Conor Barnes

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