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Vintage Casual Furniture

Vintage Casual Furniture

Vintage Casual Furniture

Vintage But Casual

In this day and age, a popular style of furniture that people seem to be demanding is of a vintage style, and maybe have a little retro incorporated in it. However this doesn’t mean you can’t keep it casual either! Well, here at Inadam we always have something irresistible for those who want that something extra that brings a sense of specialty. The Vintage Casual Collection is excellently made and we have a wide range of quality furniture.

These pieces are popular with their worn looking design and painted finish, they are incredibly stylish. All pieces come with three coordinated colours with mixture of handle designs. These pieces certainly do their job by being able to present your home with great character and perfection.

Here are a few examples from this collection.

150cm Tall Chest

150cm Tall Chest of Drawers

This beautiful chest consists of eight drawers which are all different sizes with a mixture of handles and colours.

Glass Display Cabinet

Glass Cabinet

The above display cabinet has 2 doors with a bottom drawer. Every item is unique, so finish will vary between pieces. All images are for illustration so can very slightly

This collection is made from a Tropical Hardwood called Rubber wood, this type of wood is well known for its durability in constructing furniture.

For any concerns to our customers, we ensure that our furniture suppliers use eco-friendly wood that is only used when a tree has reached the end of its productive life.

Are you are interested in this collection? Why not have a look? https://inadamfurniture.co.uk/product-tag/travel-furniture/

Conor Barnes
Conor Barnes

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