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Summer has arrived! – Garden and Conservatory Furniture

Summer has arrived! – Garden and Conservatory Furniture

Summer has arrived! – Garden and Conservatory Furniture

Summer Furniture


Summer is finally here. It’s time for you to pull out a chair and get yourself a tan. But do you have the right pieces? Here at Inadam we have the perfect items for you to make your summer relaxing and tranquil in your own garden. Make your garden your second home with plenty of items ready and on sale now; you can now make use your garden as an extra room for your home. In the summer, your garden and conservatory becomes a huge part of your life as an extension and the perfect place for outdoor relaxation, activities and family time.

Examples of our Garden and Conservatory Furniture

French Line Deck Chair

French Line Dining Deck Chair

From Authentic Models, this Deck chair is made from cherry wood with an elegant shape and design.

This piece is beautifully crafted with curves and a woven rattan seat that makes this a truly exceptional piece.

Driftwood coffee table

Driftwood Coffee Table

This beautiful piece of furniture has been handcrafted from individual pieces of real driftwood.

Each piece is constructed from hundreds of pieces of driftwood.

For any concerns to our customers, we ensure that for this piece we use eco-friendly wood that is only used when a tree has reached the end of its productive life.

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Conor Barnes

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