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Stunning Magnificent Mango Furniture

Stunning Magnificent Mango Furniture

Stunning Magnificent Mango Furniture

What Is Mango Wood And What Makes It Stunning?

The well sought after Mango wood is sourced from a the tree which produces the fruit. As the tree is primarily grown for the fruit,which makes it part of the food cycle, but then proceeds to get cut down after 7 years, due to the fact that after this time, it doesn’t produce good fruit anymore, for this reason,  instead of the wood being wasted it from here on it can be used for furniture.  Mango wood is just as strong and sturdy as Cherry or Ashwood and is used for the exact same purposes.

Why buy Mango Wood?

This makes the wood easy and sustainable to manufacture.

Mango wood is very long lasting and durable, which makes it a very sought after material. It has a very unique grain pattern and is naturally light brown in colour and is very effective at bringing warmth into various interiors. Mango wood can be treated or oiled to change to the colour and it takes very well to this treatment.

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The Mango Wood Furniture Collection 

Conor Barnes
Conor Barnes

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