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Dario Pizza Cutters

Dario Pizza Cutters

Dario Pizza Cutters

What Is So Special About the Dario Pizza Cutter?

Pizza cutters have become so popular these days that it is a common utensil in the kitchen in both the home and commercial environment.  Many restaurants even provide them when serving pizzas for customers to cut their meal themselves. The most common design was always the circular cutter blade attached to a handle of some description.  This design is not the most efficient! The Dario Pizza Cutter is different though!!

Dario Pizza Cutters provides an efficient alternative to the traditional pizza cutter on a handle!

With its comfortable, palm grip handle the Dario Pizza Cutter requires less force to press down on the blade, making it easier to slice, particularly if you have weaker wrists.  Also by having the palm grip, you have more control over the movement of the blade giving it a much more natural feel when cutting through the pizza.

With its removable blade, the Dario Pizza Cutter is easy to clean and makes the perfect addition to every kitchen.

For more information why not have a look on the Dario Pizza Cutter website:


Dario Pizza Cutter

Easy cutting with this unique palm grip design, and an ergonomic shape…

What are people saying about the Dario Pizza Cutter?

The Dario Pizza Cutter is available on the Inadam Furniture website as well as leading suppliers such as Amazon.  Below are some reviews taken directly from Amazon.co.uk:

dario pizza cutter reviews

You can purchase the Dario Pizza Cutter from Inadam Furniture or Amazon Prime

available on amazon

For more information, take a look at the Dario Pizza Cutter website:


This is a great design that is both unique and effective!

Easy to clean!

Sharp blade makes cutting easy!

Great for people who struggle to use the more conventional handle design pizza cutters!

Great Price for a great utensil! 

Tyiane Grant
Tyiane Grant

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