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Sheesham Wood – Indian Sheesham Collection

Sheesham Wood – Indian Sheesham Collection

Sheesham Wood – Indian Sheesham Collection

Indian Sheesham

What is Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham wood, also known as Indian rose wood is a very strong and heavy style of wood. Its colour ranges from being golden brown to a dark brown or even a chestnut colour. This gives the wood a rather luxurious appearance. Sheesham wood is very popular as it is widely used for making furniture and doors frames. It is also very suitable for its use in guitars, chess sets and Rosewood oil. The oil is used in perfume which is extracted from the wood. This wood has many features, especially its strength which is excellent making it the more obvious choice for high quality furniture. When it has been polished, the wood is very smooth with an extremely attractive surface, it is absolutely unique.

Examples from our Collections

Triangle Chest

Large Dining Table

This collection is the home of beautiful looking furniture which are full of bold character and has proven to be a very popular collection. All of the furniture within this collection have been hand crafted.  Sheesham wood itself has beautiful colour variations and is rich and vibrant in its characteristics, especially when combined with the detailing of these furniture pieces that it has been used to create.

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Conor Barnes

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