Storage Unit with 4 Baskets – Grey – Natural Rattan Furniture


Low Wide Storage Unit with 4 Baskets in natural grey finish from our Natural Rattan Furniture Collection.

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Low Wide Storage Unit with 2 Large Baskets and 2 Small Baskets in natural grey finish from our Natural Rattan Furniture Collection.

Our natural rattan furniture collection is a beautiful quality collection of handmade pieces that can be integrated into almost any room, kitchen, dining area, living or conservatory.  It will instantly transform every day functional spaces into exciting social hubs.  This elegant collection is ideal for both casual and contemporary living and makes a great choice for family spaces.

Approximate dimensions:

H. 48 x W. 140 x D. 39cm


(Images used will often show room settings – but only one chair is supplied per order, many of the other furniture items photographs are supplied individually on our website)


Production lead time can take 6-8 weeks, however many items are in stock for a fast delivery.  Please contact us for stock availability.


Background to this piece:

All of these products are made by traditionally handmade using natural ‘Organic’ materials, that have been ethically sourced.  Each furniture piece can vary in colour, finish and appearance as every piece is individual.  Images should be taken as an illustration only.

To produce the rattan weave, reeds are soaked in rain water within clay hollows where organic soil and vegetation are added as a natural die.  This process also allows the raw rattan to soften so that it becomes supple enough for weaving.  This colouring process provides an earthen quality, free from pollutants. Using traditional skills, passed down through generations, a team of highly skilled artisans weave the rattan into the beautiful furniture that you will find through out this collection.

Handmade Rattan Furniture
Handmade Rattan Furniture

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