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Mirror Televisions

Inadam Furniture offers a full range of Mirror TV’s, that can be made in any of the frame choices below to your choice of screen size.

These elegant mirror televisions have specially made glass from Germany that has been optimised to give outstanding reflection and image quality. Once the television is on the mirror displays a full HD 1080p picture. When the television is switched off it completely disappears into a perfect mirror.

We can also offer bespoke Mirror Televisions if you have a specific requirement, please contact us for more information.

mirror tv white and silver

Above you will see some examples of the various choices of frames for the televisions.  There is a frame choice to suit almost any room and if you have a bespoke requirement we can offer a bespoke service also, ideal for bathrooms and contract spaces…

Below you can see the example of when the television is switched off there is a clear mirror, and when switched on, it displays clearly within the frame as a HD television set.

mirror television
mirror tv
tv mirror
mirror tv

Below are some examples of the bespoke mirror TV’s to give you an idea of what can be achieved.

bespoke tv

Bespoke television behind a mirrored wall in a bathroom

Mirror TV

Large mirror television for a living room

mirror TV

Very Large mirror television for a Kitchen

TV Mirror

Bespoke Mirror with a television built in, custom design for a contract project

For more information on any of our Mirror Television Sets please contact us on 020 8443 2827 or via our online contact form