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Industrial Furniture – How is this style so popular? – Inadam Furniture

Industrial Furniture – How is this style so popular? – Inadam Furniture

Industrial Furniture – How is this style so popular? – Inadam Furniture


What is Industrial Furniture?

Industrial furniture is probably one of the most trendy styles of furniture this season. Here at Inadam we offer a wide range of industrial furniture pieces produced from a mixture of metals, leathers and woods. The different combinations will give you one of the best sophisticated trends in furniture styles today.  Whats not to love about this Uber Trendy furniture design?  Have a browse through our stunning collections and see what could be suitable for your own home or office setup.

An example of our Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial Coffee Table

This Industrial Coffee Table is an example from our Industrial Furniture Collection.

This piece has been produced from clean metals and reclaimed timbers that show a contrast between the materials put together perfectly to make this beautiful piece of furniture.

Why is Industrial furniture so popular?

The public adore these styles which can often be seen in hotels, trendy bars and restaurants, modern homes and even offices.  A lot of this popularity is due to the robust look with their natural wear and tear, distressed and aged charm. But most importantly, how they can practically fit into any room setting of your choice. This style of furniture started to become really popular in the late 2000’s, early 2010’s, but has dominated the market in recent years for those super cool individuals looking for something striking an trendy for their home/workplace.

Hard wearing, practical furniture solutions for almost any environment.

For more pieces from this collection, please visit the Industrial Furniture page.

Conor Barnes
Conor Barnes

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