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Home Trends So Far In 2017

Home Trends So Far In 2017

Home Trends So Far In 2017

What Are The Current Trends?

There were many trends that were predicted in the year of 2016, some came to pass and others didn’t. The colour many people want in their homes, whether it is a piece of furniture, or a feature wall is evergreen.White is also another colour that never gets old, year in and year out, whether the colour is incorporated on painted furniture, or white walls.

The next is reproduction desks, this is seen as a trendy because most people were content with desk that served for functionality only or some people prefer to not have desk at all and work on their kitchen tables or worktops, however reproduction desks are seen as elegant and add a sense of regality, there is also the possibilities are endless due to the many different types of wood, finishes and colours that are available.

Customisation is also very popular, this is due to the fact that people love to be unique and want to have various items which cannot be found in anybody else’s home. Bespoke items of furniture are very popular, whether it be wardrobes, bookcases, chairs and many more.

There are so many trends that we have seen so far and we are only in the fourth month.

 There are so many more trends that may pop up over the remaining course of the year. Examples of these are: industrial, solid walnut and driftwood furniture.

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Conor Barnes
Conor Barnes

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